Elders | St. Peter's Lutheran Church
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Board of Elders


The number of Elders shall annually be determined by the Board itself as needed for its duties, and each Elder will be elected by the Voters’ Assembly.  Elders will be nominated by the nominating committee.   Membership on the Board of Elders is restricted to male voting members of the congregation age 21 or over who are mature in their Christian faith and have a solid foundation of Lutheran teachings and practices.


The Board shall concern itself with (1) the spiritual life of members and staff, (2) communication with and visitation of members, (3) proper worship life, and (4) the pastoral care of members.  It shall care for the spiritual and emotional needs of the pastors.  Recommendations of the Board shall be passed on to the Church Council after discussion with the Senior Pastor.


The Board shall meet as often as it determines to be necessary but no less than six (6) times per year.

Quorum and Decisions

A majority of members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.