School Board | St. Peter's Lutheran Church
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School Board


The Board of Education shall consist of a chair and a minimum of six (6) members who shall be elected for a two (2) year staggered term.   St. Peter’s Lutheran School Principal shall be an advisory member of the Board.


The Board shall be charged with the supervision of the day school education program and ancillary programs.  To that end, it shall:

    1. Cooperate with the Principal and Pastor(s) in the supervision of St. Peter’s Lutheran School; approve curriculum and text books for use; strive to secure the enrollment of all children of the congregation in school according to principles consistent with good education practices; and make every effort to maintain the highest standards in the field of elementary education. The Board along with the Principal will be responsible for recruitment and enrollment of students.
    2. Foster and encourage a program of in-service teacher training for the purpose of maintaining a high level of instructional competence among the faculty of St. Peter’s Lutheran School, and adhere to Article V of the Constitution of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Big Rapids, Michigan.
    3. Negotiate, interpret and administer the contracts with St. Peter’s Lutheran School contract teachers. Such contracts are to be one (1) year in duration, while actively seeking Synodically trained and accredited teachers. With approval by Council, and recommendation from the Board of Education, a contract teacher or teachers who are eligible to complete the colloquy program for Lutheran Teachers would also be accepted, and, with approval by Council, this would extend their Contract as applicable.
    4. Establish policies for the operation of St. Peter’s Lutheran School and ancillary programs.
    5. Submit a report of the school’s activities and finances to the Church Council and the Voters’ Assembly meetings.  


The Board shall meet as often as it determines to be necessary but no less than four (4) times per year.