The church leadership believes it is necessary to refocus the ministry of St. Peter’s to facilitate growth, spiritually and numerically. We intend to focus on families with young children—birth through high school years. Although we will be inclusive in outreach, a target group will help us focus our resources. Targeting younger families will hopefully reverse the trend of our congregation becoming older in age.

The Goal

We must become effective in offering ministries that impact younger families. Though the preschool and day school are important ministries, we need to develop ministries that are not school-centered that have a positive effect for families, especially their children. Our goal will include bringing young families into the worshipping congregation, and have them become active in Christian service. As this happens, we can encourage families to enroll their children in our day school.

Congregational Support

For any ministry plan to be effective it must have 80% of the congregation’s support. If this plan does not have at least 80% support it will certainly fail.

Two-Phase Plan

Phase One

  • Weekly Worship Service time changes
  • Increase Worship attendance
  • Community outreach
  • Institute community servant teams
  • Biblical discipleship for all ages
  • Preschool and Day School ministry marketing

Phase Two

  • Develop offsite community ministry center
  • Outreach to individuals and families that might not walk through the church doors.
  • We will offer worship, Biblical education and counseling services.